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Wenche Lyche

Wenche Lyche


Creativity, product development, ideation, surfacedesign, textiledesign, function and aesthetics is my main aerias of knowledge and performance.
My background is from fashiondesign running my own brand for 12 years with the focus on tailoring for privar customers. I have also experience in commercial design within performance sportswear segment with a high focus on technical functionality, sustainability, quality and joy for great design, details and storytelling.
At Institute for Productdesign my main focus is the textile workshop, the soft workshop as I like to call it and digital textile printing. The workshop has sewing machines, leather crafting aeria, various fabrics available for prototyping, ironboard and a huge table to work on. We resently got a leather sewing machine.
Our digital textile printer develops unique surface patterndesign for prototyping and we have superusers who knows the machine and how to prepare for print and finalisation.
I alos hols courses at Estonia Academy of Art were we forcus on developing unique surface pattern design.

Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete