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Improving trust-based management in Nordic urban governance and management education

This project explores how ongoing management reforms are conceptualised and put into practice in two Nordic cities.

The idea of trust-based management stems from reforms in Copenhagen and has spread to the public sector in Norway and Sweden. This model is allegedly a management innovation, sometimes called the new Nordic model of governance, challenging traditional steering and accounting systems.

The project has three main aims: 

To achieve these aims, we conduct interviews, surveys, information audits, and case study research in the educational and home care sectors in particular of management by objectives and self-governed teams, to determine how trust-based management functions in large municipal organizations.

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    We will observe lectures and analyse course curricula and develop questionnaires and experiments, to examine how current bachelor programmes within management and public administration – as well as professional programmes for teachers and nurses – facilitate (or not) trust-based management and common understanding and collaboration, given the intersection of these professions in many public sector organizations.

    The project is an inter-disciplinary collaboration between Oslo Metropolitan University, Aarhus University, Oslo Municipality, and Aarhus Municipality.