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Andreas Benedictow

Andreas Benedictow

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Benedictow, Andreas; Boug, Pål (2021). Exact and inexact decompositions of trade price indices. Empirical Economics .

Røed Larsen, Erling; Benedictow, Andreas; Sundelius, Dag Martin (2020). The Housing Phillips Curve, (with Andreas Benedictow and Dag Martin Sundelius), Housing Lab Working Paper Series 2020-2. Housing Lab Working Paper Series. Vol. 2020.

Benedictow, Andreas; Hammersland, Roger (2019). A financial accelerator in the business sector of a macroeconometric model of a small open economy. Economic Systems .

Benedictow, Andreas; Boug, Pål (2017). Calculating the real return on a sovereign wealth fund. Canadian Journal of Economics . Vol. 50.

Benedictow, Andreas; Fjærtoft, Daniel; Løfsnæs, Ole (2013). Oil dependency of the Russian economy: An econometric analysis. Economic Modelling .

Benedictow, Andreas; Boug, Pål (2013). Trade liberalisation and exchange rate pass-through: the case of textiles and wearing apparels. Empirical Economics . Vol. 45.

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