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Svenn Jensen

Svenn Jensen

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Jensen, Svenn; Mohlin, Kristina; Pittel, Karen; Sterner, Thomas (2015). An introduction to the green paradox: The unintended consequences of climate policies. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy . Vol. 9.

Jensen, Svenn; Traeger, Christian P (2014). Optimal climate change mitigation under long-term growth uncertainty: Stochastic integrated assessment and analytic findings. European Economic Review . Vol. 69.

Hoel, Michael Olaf; Jensen, Christen Svenn (2012). Cutting costs of catching carbon-Intertemporal effects under imperfect climate policy. Resource and Energy Economics . Vol. 34.

Eriksen, Knut Sandberg; Jensen, C. Svenn (2010). The cost of second best pricing and the value of risk premium. Research in Transportation Economics . Vol. 30.

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