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Velina Ninkova

Velina Ninkova



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Botswana   Namibia

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Ninkova, Velina (2022). Mother-tongue education for the Omaheke Ju|'hoansi in Namibia: Between policy and practice. Olsen, Torjer Andreas; Sollid, Hilde (Red.). Indigenising Education and Citizenship: Perspectives on Policies and Practices from Sápmi and beyond. 11.

Ninkova, Velina; Paksi, Attila (2022). Learning to aspire, aspiring to subvert: Namibian San youths' narratives about the future as mimetic work of resistance. Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education .

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Ninkova, Velina (2020). Perpetuating the myth of the "wild Bushman": Inclusive multicultural education for the Omaheke Ju|'hoansi in Namibia. Comparative Education Review . Vol. 64.

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