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Asgeir Falch-Eriksen

Asgeir Falch-Eriksen


Asgeir Falch-Eriksen is head of the academic unit on Globalisation and Social Sustainability. He is a political scientist specializing in democracy, rule of law, policy analysis and social work in child protection.

As a political scientist and policy analyst, I am dedicated to advancing our knowledge in democracy, rule of law, trust, and solidarity through academic research and applied policy analysis. My expertise encompasses areas within political theory, with a special focus on principles of democracy and the rule of law. My research also delves into the intricate dynamics of trust and solidarity in societal structures, underscoring my commitment to fostering resilient, democratic institutions.


Research Interests:

My research interests lie between traditional disciplinary boundaries such as law, political science, sociology and history, integrating citizenship theory into the study of democracy, the rule of law, trust and solidarity, social sustainability and sociology of the professions to unravel the complex interplay between public decision-making and coercion, the courts, especially in the context of child protection services. The interdisciplinary approach allows for a comprehensive examination of how professional education, institutional practices, and decision-making frameworks and designs can be optimised to uphold the principles of democracy and human rights, with a special focus on safeguarding children´s rights.

Professional Objective:

To contribute to the development of sustainable democratic institutions and effective child protection policies through research, policy analysis, and advocacy. By leveraging my expertise in political theory, human rights, and constitutionalism, I aim to foster collaborative work where trust, solidarity, and the rule of law prevail as key topics, ensuring the protection and empowerment of child citizens in democratic societies.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Political theory   Child care   Democracy theory   Public administration and policy   Politics of knowledge   Studies of professions

Research projects

Scientific publications

Toros, Karmen; Kozmenko, Olena; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (2024). ‘I just want to go home, is what I need’ – Voices of Ukrainian refugee children living in Estonia after fleeing the war. Children and Youth Services Review. Vol. 158.

Takle, Marianne ; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (2023). Citizenship in democratic welfare states: a typology of social exclusion. Takle, Marianne; Vedeler, Janikke Solstad; Schoyen, Mi Ah; Bøhler, Kjetil Klette; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (Ed.). Citizenship and Social Exclusion at the Margins of the Welfare State. p. 193-209. Routledge.

Toros, Karmen; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir ; Lehtme, Rafaela (2023). Challenges to social work professionalism during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative analysis of child protective workers’ perspectives. Journal of Social Work Practice.

Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (2023). Social exclusion of citizens of democratic welfare states. Takle, Marianne; Vedeler, Janikke Solstad; Schoyen, Mi Ah; Bøhler, Kjetil Klette; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (Ed.). Citizenship and Social Exclusion at the Margins of the Welfare State. Routledge.

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Skivenes, Marit; Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir ; Hassan, Bilal (2023). Restricting Family Life An Examination of Citizens’ Views on state interventions and Parental Freedom in Eight European Countries. European Journal of Social Work.

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Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir (2022). Professional Child Protection and the Child's Freedom of Expression. Falch-Eriksen, Asgeir; Toros, Karmen (Ed.). Professional Practice in Child Protection and the Child's Right to Participate. Routledge.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete