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Diego Praino

Diego Praino


Diego Praino is Associate Professor of Public Law. He is currently responsible for the following courses at OsloMet - Arbeidsrett (Labour Law in the public sector, BAL1300) - Arbeidsrettslige perspektiver i endringsprosesser (Labour Law in Change Processes, MSLV4700) - EU Law and Politics (BALV3500) - Immigration Law (MINF6200) In addition, he is academic international coordinator for Oslo Business School. His research focuses on immigration legislation, the European integration process, forms of government, etc. His work is published in academic journals such as Nordic Journal of Migration Research, Kritisk Juss, Journal of European Integration, Revista Catalana de Dret Public, etc. In 2014 he completed the Ph.D. program in Law and Economics established by the Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane (now part of Scuola Normale Superiore), having conducted his doctoral research at the University of Naples Federico II. His dissertation, interdisciplinary in nature, explores the relationship between political parties, forms of government and federative processes.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Public law

Subject areas

Constitutional law   Labour and Employment Law   EU/EEA law   Immigration law

Scientific publications

Praino, Diego; Larsen, Kjetil Mujezinovic (2023). Oppholdstillatelse til selvstendig næringsdrivende kunstnere. Kritisk juss. Vol. 49.

Praino, Diego; Nikolič, Bruno; Corleto, Michele (2023). Causing or Preventing (Reverse) Discrimination When Transposing EU Free-Movement Rules in the European Economic Area: A First Categorization of the Approaches Adopted by National Legislators. Nordic Journal of Migration Research. Vol. 13.

Praino, Diego; Troisi, Michela (2023). Legislators, Constitutional Courts and Medically Assisted Death: Remarks on Italy and Portugal. Rivista Gruppo di Pisa. Dibattito aperto sul Diritto e la Giustizia costituzionale.

Ferraiuolo, Gennaro; Praino, Diego (2018). The role of political parties in the Italian electoral reforms. Revista Catalana de Dret Públic.

Praino, Diego (2017). A new system of government? Defining the confidence relationship of the EU model. Journal of European Integration. Vol. 39.

Praino, Diego (2017). Democratic in structure, but not in performance. Verifying the democratic nature of the EU. Osservatorio costituzionale.

Praino, Diego (2016). Processo di integrazione europea e sovranità. Indicazioni provenienti dalle altre forme di affiliazione con l’UE. Osservatorio costituzionale.

Praino, Diego (2016). The Right to Self-Determination in Sicily: The Special Statute, Regional Autonomy, and the Party System. Turp, Daniel; Sanjaume-Calvet, Marc (Ed.). The Emergence of a Democratic Right to Self-Determination in Europe. p. 192-199. Centre Maurits Coppieters.

Praino, Diego (2014). La definizione e il funzionamento della forma di governo nel contesto partitico. Staiano, Sandro (Ed.). p. 3-32. Jovene.

Praino, Diego (2014). Delega legislativa e omogeneità dell’emendamento rispetto al decreto-legge. Nota a Corte cost., sent. n. 237 del 2013.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete