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Elise Margrethe Vike Johannessen

Elise Margrethe Vike Johannessen

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Education   Social sciences   Sociology

Subject areas

Discrimination   Stereotypes, prejudice and conflict betweeen groups   Educational research   School education on religion or belief   Power and social structure   Youth Research   Multicultural teachers' education   Inclusion and exclusion of miorities   Minority - Majority   Inclusive education   Diversity competence   Gender in education   Gender

Research projects

Scientific publications

Johannessen, Elise Margrethe Vike; Røthing, Åse (2022). Meningsmangfold og ubehag i klasserommet. Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift . Vol. 106.

Johannessen, Elise Margrethe Vike (2021). Contesting religious boundaries at school: A case from Norway. 13 p. Critical Research on Religion (CRR) .

Johannessen, Elise Margrethe Vike (2021). Blurred Lines: The Ambiguity of Disparaging Humour and Slurs in Norwegian High School Boys’ Friendship Groups. Young - Nordic Journal of Youth Research .

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