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Ellen Carm

Ellen Carm


Teacher training(1978), Can.Polit UIO, Norway, (1991), PhD, UIS, Stockholm, Sweeden (2017)
Lecturing, Researching, Consulting
Key Working Areas:
Comparative Education, Educational Leadership, Management and Planning, Sector wide approaches and donor coordination, Globalization of education, MDGs and SDGs, Internalization of Higher Education, Teacher training, ICT and education, Adult literacy and non-formal education, Inclusive Education, HIV/AIDS-education, Indigenous Knowledge, Capacity building, Participatory approaches, Evaluation
Anglophone Africa, Palestine, Gaza, Vietnam, Nepal
NORHED program, (2013-dd) applying ICT as a tool for continuing professional development of teachers at master level, Tribhuvan and Kathmandu University
Visiting researcher, George Washington University,(GWU) Fall 2019.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Humanities   Education   Social sciences   Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Educational management   Project management   Instructional planning   Leadership and leader development   Comparative and international education   International, comparative education   Multicultural teachers' education   Teacher education research   HIV/AIDS edication   Indigenous knowledge   ODL and Higher education   Internationalization of higher education   Quality of education


Southern Africa   Southeast Asia   The Middle East


Lao Peoples Dem.rep.   Malawi   Namibia   Nigeria   Nepal   Vietnam   Zambia

Scientific publications

Carm, Ellen (2020). Promising innovations in Nepalese teacher professional development through the application of ICT and open distance learning. Bista, Krishna; Shyam, Sharma; Latiner Raby, Rosalind (Ed.). Higher Education in Nepal, Policies and Perspectives. Chapter 19. p. 262-291. Routledge.

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Carm, Ellen; Johannesen, Monica; Øgrim, Leikny (2015). Creating conditions for dialogue and inclusion of diverse epistemologies in distance education; ICT as a tool for fostering new and innovative teaching methods. Slykhuis, David; Marks, Gary (Ed.). Proceedings of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2015. Bok - Vitenskapelig antologi/Conference proceedings. p. 2226-2238. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete