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Espen Daniel Hagen Olsen

Espen Daniel Hagen Olsen


Current position: Espen D.H. Olsen is Associate Professor, School of Business, Faculty of Social Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University

Education: Cand.polit (M.Phil) (University of Oslo); Ph.D (European University Institute)

Academic interests: Espen D.H. Olsen is a political scientist with an interest in public policy, political theory, migration policy, europeanization and the EU. He has published on issues such as European citizenship, EU integration, European crises, citizen deliberation and Norwegian and European migration policy. He also pursues more general interests in political theory focusing on citizenship politics, as well as qualitative methods and process tracing. He was previously Senior Researcher at Arena, Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo and doctoral student at European University Institute.

Fields of study

Subject areas

Migration   Public policy   Political theory   Intergration policy   Eurpean integration   Citizenship   Immigration Policy   Developing expertise


Europe   The Nordic Countries

Scientific publications

Olsen, Espen D. H.; Menéndez, Agustín José (2021). The odd citizenship out: European citizenship in the mirror of the internal and external other. Rechtstheorie . Vol. 51.

Olsen, Espen D. H.; Rosén, Guri (2021). The EU’s Response to the Financial Crisis’. Riddervold, Marianne; Trondal, Jarle; Newsome, Akasemi (Ed.). The Palgrave Handbook of EU Crises. 19. p. 381-400. Palgrave Macmillan.

Olsen, Espen Daniel Hagen (2021). Norway’s Approach to Migration and Asylum as a Non-EU State: Out, But Still In. Ceccorulli, Michela; Fassi, Enrico; Lucarelli, Sonia (Ed.). The EU Migration System of Governance. Justice on the Move. Kapittel. p. 199-224. Palgrave Macmillan.

Olsen, Espen Daniel Hagen (2020). What Kind of Crisis and How to Deal with it? The Segmented Border Logic in the European Migration Crisis. Fossum, John Erik; Batora, Jozef (Ed.). Towards a Segmented European Political Order. The European Union's Post-crises Conundrum. Kapittel 5. Routledge.

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Olsen, Espen Daniel Hagen; Grønning, Ragnhild (2019). From Humanitarian Needs to Border Control: Norwegian Media Narratives on Migration and Conceptions of Justice. The International Spectator: Italian Journal of International Affairs . Vol. 54.

Olsen, Espen Daniel Hagen (2018). Welfare State Discourse and Citizenship Politics: From ‘Silent’ Policy to Steering Logic. Engelstad, Fredrik; Holst, Cathrine; Aakvaag, Gunnar C. (Ed.). Democratic State and Democratic Society. 4. p. 76-93. De Gruyter Open.

Olsen, Espen Daniel Hagen (2018). Out But Still in: Norway's Approach to Migration and Asylum as a Non-EU State. GLOBUS Research Papers. Vol. 2018.

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