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Gøril Borgen Eide

Gøril Borgen Eide


Educational background from Journalism studies and photography and a Masters degree in East Asian Studies from University of Oslo with specializations in social anthropology and Chinese language, culture and society. Master thesis looked at Chinese media's crisis coverage, and through stays and studies in Asia, I specialized in exile journalism, foreign correspondancy and freedom of expression/press freedom issues. 

Since 2016, I have worked with reserach on climate journalism, and the doctoral project looks at change and continuity in Norwegian climate coverage. The reserach is qualitative with a narrative analytical approach and is theoretically anchored in concepts of liminality, temporality and social imaginaries.  

Publications and research


Borgen-Eide, Gøril (2023). Journalism and stories from climatically changed futures: student's works and reflections on presenting imaginary futures. Living with Climate Change. University of Bergen.

Borgen Eide, Gøril (2022). Sci-fi journalism? Professional potentials and challenges of presenting narratives of climatically changed futures. ECREA 2022.

Ytterstad, Andreas; Borgen Eide, Gøril (2018). Climate Change Consensus and Contradictions at the Core - Norwegian Trade Union Values and Climate Change. Nordic Work Life. FAFO.

Borgen-Eide, Gøril (2017). From concerned alarmists to engaged visionaries? Scientists' normative participation in Norwegian climate summit coverage. NordMedia 2017.

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