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Marikken Wullf-Wathne

Marikken Wullf-Wathne


My research interest is geared towards examining the formulation of problems and solutions within urban planning, particularly linked to 'smart city' initiatives.

Using problem formulations as the basis of analysis, this thesis seeks to explore both the solutions that are suggested through smart city initiatives, as well as the construed problems which these solutions are aimed at solving.

In short, through my dissertation I aim at understanding which ideal solutions are envisioned for cities through smart city initiatives, and ask: to what question is the smart city the answer?

Other research interests include climate transformations, feminism, the end of history/the function of temporality, neoliberalism, privatization of urban spaces, academic life.

Besides my research, I organize the OsloMet Urban Research Conference:

I am also one of the editors, and the editorial secretary, of Nordic Journal of Urban Studies:

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Human geography

Subject areas

Town planning   Utopias   Climate   Mobility   Feminism   Omstilling   Areaplanning   Smart city

Scientific publications

Wullf-Wathne, Marikken (2020). Alternatives in the academe: swimming with absurd flippers. Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography .

Wathne, Marikken Wullf; Haarstad, Håvard (2020). The smart city as mobile policy: Insights on contemporary urbanism. Geoforum .

Haarstad, Håvard; Wathne, Marikken Wullf (2019). Are smart city projects catalyzing urban energy sustainability?. Energy Policy . Vol. 129.

Haarstad, Håvard; Wathne, Marikken Wullf (2018). Smart cities as strategic actors: Insights from EU Lighthouse projects in Stavanger, Stockholm and Nottingham. Karvonen, Andrew; Cugurullo, Fredrico; Caprotti, Fredrico (Ed.). Inside Smart Cities: Place, Politics and Urban Innovation. Chapter 7. Routledge.

Haarstad, Håvard; Sareen, Siddharth; Wanvik, Tarje Iversen; Grandin, Jakob; Kjærås, Kristin Edith Abrahamsen; Oseland, Stina Ellevseth; Kvamsås, Hanna; Lillevold, Karin; Wathne, Marikken Wullf (2018). Transformative social science? Modes of engagement in climate and energy solutions. Energy Research & Social Science . Vol. 42.

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