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Nina M Kynø

Nina M Kynø

Scientific publications

Kynø, Nina M; Fugelseth, Drude; Knudsen, Lina Merete Mæland; Tandberg, Bente Silnes (2021). Starting parenting in isolation a qualitative user-initiated study of parents’ experiences with hospitalization in Neonatal Intensive Care units during the COVID-19 pandemic. PLOS ONE . Vol. 16.

Steindal, Simen Alexander; Hofsø, Kristin; Aagaard, Hanne; Mariussen, Kari; Andresen, Brith; Christensen, Vivi Lycke; Heggdal, Kristin; Karlsen, Marte-Marie Wallander; Kvande, Monica Evelyn; Kynø, Nina M; Langerud, Anne Kathrine; Ohnstad, Mari Oma; Sørensen, Kari; Larsen, Marie Hamilton (2021). Non-invasive ventilation in the palliative care of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a scoping review protocol. 6 p. BMJ Open . Vol. 11.

Holberg, Monica Yvon; Larsen, Marie Hamilton; Mariussen, Kari; Kynø, Nina M (2021). Delirium hos barn under to år som er innlagt på en intensiv avdeling - en systematisk oversiktsartikkel. 26 p. Sykepleien Forskning . Vol. 16.

Rød, Irene; Kynø, Nina M; Solevåg, Anne Lee (2021). From simulation room to clinical practice: Postgraduate neonatal nursing students’ transfer of learning from in-situ resuscitation simulation with interprofessional team to clinical practice. Nurse Education in Practice . Vol. 52.

Kynø, Nina M; Hanssen, Ingrid (2021). Establishing a trusting nurse-immigrant mother relationship in the neonatal unit. Nursing Ethics .

Kynø, Nina Margrethe; Fugelseth, Drude Merete; Hanssen, Ingrid (2020). When a common language is missing: Nurse–mother communication in the NICU. A qualitative study. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) . Vol. 29.

Hjorth-Johansen, Elin; Hofoss, Dag; Kynø, Nina Margrethe (2019). E‐learning or lectures to increase knowledge about congenital heart disease in infants: A comparative interventional study. Nursing Open . Vol. 6.

Kynø, Nina Margrethe; Ravn, Ingrid Helen; Lindemann, Rolf; Smeby, Nina Aarhus; Torgersen, Anne M; Gundersen, Tonje (2013). Parents of preterm-born children; sources of stress and worry and experiences with an early intervention programme - a qualitative study. BMC Nursing .

Kynø, Nina Margrethe; Ravn, Ingrid; Lindemann, Rolf; Fagerland, Morten; Smeby, Nina Aarhus; Torgersen, Anne M (2012). Effect of an early intervention programme on development of moderate and late preterm infants at 36 months: A randomized controlled study. Infant Behavior and Development . Vol. 35.

Ravn, Ingrid; Smith, Lars; Smeby, Nina Aarhus; Kynø, Nina Margrethe; Sandvik, Leiv; Bunch, Eli Haugen; Lindemann, Rolf (2012). Effects of early mother-infant intervention on outcomes in mothers and moderately and late preterm infants at age 1 year: A randomized controlled trial. Infant Behavior and Development . Vol. 35.

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