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Pernille Stornæss Skotte

Pernille Stornæss Skotte

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Subject areas

Working life   Child care   Writing across the curriculum   Sociology of organizations   Studies of professions   Social Work and Knowledge   Digitalisation and professionalism

Research projects

Scientific publications

Skotte, Pernille Stornæss (2022). Worker collectivity in child welfare: Mobilising action and commitment through team meetings. Qualitative Social Work.

Skotte, Pernille Stornæss (2018). 'On Caseworkers’ writing in Child Welfare − when less is more'. 13 p. European Journal of Social Work.

Olsen, Bennedichte C. R.; Skotte, Pernille Stornæss ; Farstad, Gunhild Regland (2018). Sosiologi i sosialfagene. ISBN: 978-82-15.03086-9. 245 p. Universitetsforlaget.

Skotte, Pernille Stornæss (2018). Colligation in child welfare work: Decision-making in a case on the tipping point. Qualitative Social Work. Vol. 17.

Kjørholt, Anne Trine; Bjerke, Håvard; Stordal, Gjertrud; Hellem, Line; Skotte, Pernille Stornæss (2009). Children's Perspectives on Rights, Responsibilities and Citizenship: Norway. Taylor, Nicola; Smith, Anne B. (Ed.). Children as Citizens? International Voices. p. 99-128. University of Otago Press.

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