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Randi Wærdahl

Randi Wærdahl


Randi Wærdahl holds a Ph.d in sociology. She has published both nationally and internationally on issues relating to children’s well being, socialization, childhood, families and parenting practices, with a particular focus on transitions and adaptations to new phases of life and new social and economic realities. She has also published on methodological challenges in practical research and contributed to creative new methodologies in social research.

Scientific publications

Kvakic, Minela; Wærdahl, Randi (2022). Trust and Power in the Space Between Visibility and Invisibility. Exploring Digital and Social Media Practices in Norwegian Child Welfare Services. European Journal of Social Work.

Shrestha, Sunita; Wærdahl, Randi (2020). Girls' access to adolescent friendly sexual and reproductive health services in Kaski, Nepal. 15 p. Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies. Vol. 7.

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Ślusarczyk, Magdalena; Wærdahl, Randi ; Strzemecka, Stella (2018). Polish children and their parents adapting to a new school reality in Norway. Slany, Krystyna; Ślusarczyk, Magdalena; Pustulka, Paula; Guribye, Eugene (Ed.). Transnational Polish Families in Norway. Social Capital, Integration, Institutions and Care. p. 251-271. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Wærdahl, Randi ; Nilsen, Ann Christin Eklund ; Svarstad, Christine; Jentoft, Nina (2017). Who’s at risk? Expanding the categorical understanding of children at risk of social exclusion through measures of self-esteem. 10 p. Nordic Social Work Research. Vol. 7.

Lübeck, Susanna Borovski; Haldar, Marit ; Wærdahl, Randi (2016). Bamsens fortellinger om familielivet - hvordan familieidealer reproduseres gjennom skole-hjem-kommunikasjon. Barn – forskning om barn og barndom i Norden. Vol. 34.

Wærdahl, Randi (2016). The Invisible Immigrant Child in the Norwegian Classroom: Losing Sight of Polish Children’s Immigrant Status Through Unarticulated Differences and Behind Good Intentions. Central and Eastern European Migration Review.

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Haldar, Marit ; Rueda, Erendira; Wærdahl, Randi ; Mitchell, Claudia; Geldenhuys, Johanna (2015). Where are the children? Exploring the boundaries between text and context in the study of place and space in four different countries. Children & society. Vol. 29.

Nilsen, Ann Christin Eklund ; Wærdahl, Randi (2014). Formal Learning: Creating a Sense of Coherence and Direction in the Disrupted Lives of Unaccompanied Minors. Guribye, Eugene; Lie, Birgit; Øverland, Gwynyth (Ed.). Nordic work with traumatised refugees: Do we really care. p. 261-274. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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