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Tale Skjølsvik

Tale Skjølsvik


Tale Skjølsvik works as a professor in technology management at the Department of Computer Science. During the period August 2019 - 2023 she will act at Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Technology, Art & Design. She holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from BI Norwegian Business School and has experience as a management consultant from Bain & Company and Gemini Consulting. For more than 15 years, Tale has worked as a lecturer in strategic management, entrepreneurship and technology management at the bachelor- and master level. Her research concentrates on the strategic management of knowledge intensive service firms as well as the digitalization and procurement of these types of services. She has published papers in a number of leading international journals.

Research projects


    The project aims to give more women access to technology, digital skills and leadership positions.

Scientific publications

Meyer Solheim, Marit; Skjølsvik, Tale (2022). The Impact of Leadership on Digital Learning in Health. Proceedings of the European Conference on Knowledge Management. Vol. 23.

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Strønen, Fred H.; Breunig, Karl Joachim; Skjølsvik, Tale (2018). Hvordan ledes fageksperter? En studie av dimensjoner ved strategi, organisering og ledelse i profesjonelle tjenestebedrifter. Magma forskning og viten. Vol. 21.

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