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Centres of Research Excellence

OsloMet established five Centres of Research Excellence in 2020. These centres reflect the diversity of research conducted at Norway’s third-largest university.

The centres provide a framework for high-quality research whose impact will be felt both nationally and internationally. Their establishment will help elevate OsloMet's profile as a leading research university.

You can read more about the five centres here:

Featured research

Rear view of two computer programmers, a young woman and a young man, discussing at office desk.
How to make AI we can trust

Artificial intelligence offers great promise, but suffers from a trust deficit. Researchers at OsloMet are seeking to make this technology more trustworthy and, ultimately, more sustainable.

En eldre mann sitter ved et spisebord og ser inn i en dataskjerm.
Why is it so challenging to distribute COVID-19 information to the elderly in Norway?

People consume information in different ways. Catering to the needs and habits of the majority when conveying information can amount to discrimination against other groups—including the elderly.