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Daniel Piatkowski

Daniel Piatkowski

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Piatkowski, Daniel; Marshall, Wesley (2023). Who wants to drive forever? Exploring attitudes toward driving and aging. Travel Behaviour & Society. Vol. 33.

Hazelton-Boyle, Josephine K.; Piatkowski, Daniel (2023). How Prior Experience With Automated Technology Impacts Perceptions of Autonomous Vehicles Among Midwestern U.S. Farmers. Public Works Management & Policy.

Piatkowski, Daniel; Marshall, Wesley (2015). Not all prospective bicyclists are created equal: The role of attitudes, socio-demographics, and the built environment in bicycle commuting. Travel Behaviour & Society. Vol. 2.

Marshall, Wesley; Piatkowski, Daniel; Garrick, Norman (2014). Community design, street networks, and public health. Journal of Transport and Health. Vol. 1.

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