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George Harry Hitching

George Harry Hitching

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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Cheong, Daewoong; Choe, Insong; Hitching, George Harry (2021). Irreducibility of Lagrangian Quot schemes over an algebraic curve. Mathematische Zeitschrift .

Choe, Insong; Cheong, Daewoong; Hitching, George Harry (2021). Isotropic Quot schemes of orthogonal bundles over a curve. International Journal of Mathematics .

Cheong, Daewoong; Choe, Insong; Hitching, George Harry (2021). Counting maximal Lagrangian subbundles over an algebraic curve. Journal of Geometry and Physics .

Hitching, George Harry; Bajravani, Ali (2020). Brill–Noether loci on moduli spaces of symplectic bundles over curves. Collectanea Mathematica .

Hitching, George Harry; Hoff, Michael; Newstead, Peter E. (2020). Nonemptiness and smoothness of twisted Brill-Noether loci. Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata .

Hitching, George Harry (2020). A Riemann–Kempf singularity theorem for higher rank Brill-Noether loci. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society .

Hitching, George Harry (2019). Quot schemes, Segre invariants, and inflectional loci of scrolls over curves. Geometriae Dedicata .

Hitching, George Harry; Hoff, Michael (2017). Tangent cones to generalised theta divisors and generic injectivity of the theta map. Compositio Mathematica . Vol. 153.

Choe, Insong; Hitching, George Harry (2016). Non-defectivity of Grassmann bundles over a curve. 15 s. International Journal of Mathematics . Vol. 27.

Choe, Insong; Hitching, George Harry (2015). Maximal isotropic subbundles of orthogonal bundles of odd rank over a curve. 23 s. International Journal of Mathematics . Vol. 26.

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