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Habtamu Bayera Madessa

Habtamu Bayera Madessa

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Bygningsfysikk,Byggautomasjon, Fornybar energiproduksjon, Avkarbonisering av bygningsmassen, Numerisk modellering og optimalisering, Smartbygg

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Abdulbasit, Nasir; Dribssa, Edessa; Misrak, Girma; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera (2023). Selection and Performance Prediction of a Pump as a Turbine for Power Generation Applications. Energies. Vol. 16.

Ibrahim Tol, Hakan; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera (2023). Development of a white-box dynamic building thermal model integrated with a heating system. 17 s. Journal of Building Engineering. Vol. 68.

Gamst, Sindre Kalstad; Salo, Espen Fanøy; Eide, Eirik Smith; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2023). Characteristics of Viscosity of a Scale Inhibitor: An Experimental Study. 18 s. International journal of thermophysics. Vol. 44.

Wilberg, Sandra; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2022). Performance analysis of a solar thermal system coupled with a ground source heat pump in Nordic conditions. E3S Web of Conferences. Vol. 362.

Rabani, Mehrdad; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Ljungström, Malin; Aamodt, Lene; Løvvold, Sandra Emilie Aasestrand; Nord, Natasa (2021). Life cycle analysis of GHG emissions from the building retrofitting: The case of a Norwegian office building. 16 s. Building and Environment. Vol. 204.

Rabani, Mehrdad; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Nord, Natasa (2021). Building retrofitting through coupling of building energy simulation-optimization tool with cfd and daylight programs. 22 s. Energies. Vol. 14.

Rabani, Mehrdad; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Nord, Natasa (2021). Achieving zero-energy building performance with thermal and visual comfort enhancement through optimization of fenestration, envelope, shading device, and energy supply system. 17 s. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments. Vol. 44.

Aamodt, Andreas; Chaudhuri, Arnab; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Vik, Tor Arvid (2021). On the Energy Performance of Micro-Encapsulated Phase Change Material Enhanced Spackling with Night Ventilation. Applied Sciences. Vol. 11.

Vik, Tor Arvid; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Chaudhuri, Arnab; Aamodt, Andreas; Phengphan, Chakkrit; Afriyie, Ebenezer Twumasi (2020). Experimental and numerical studies on thermal performance of an office cubicle having gypsum boards coated with PCM-enhanced spackling. Georges, Laurent; Haase, Matthias; Novakovic, Vojislav; Schild, Peter (Red.). International Conference Organised by IBPSA-Nordic, 13th–14th October 2020, OsloMet. BuildSIM-Nordic 2020. Selected papers. SINTEF akademisk forlag.

Rabani, Mehrdad; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera; Mohseni, Omid; Nord, Natasa (2020). Minimizing delivered energy and life cycle cost using Graphical script: An office building retrofitting case. 19 s. Applied Energy. Vol. 268.

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