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Tanja Strøm

Tanja Strøm

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My role
Functional areas of responsibility include Research Policy, Open Science, Responsible Research Evaluation, Scholarly Communication, Publication strategies, Research Visibility, and Project Management. I provide research support, supervises, gives lectures, organizes workshops etc.

My background
I have been working in Research Administration for seven years. Prior to that I spent close to 20 years in different libraries as Librarian, Project Manager, Service Development Coordinator and Manager of Digital Library Services.
I have held a number of projects in the areas of Open Access, service development, research assessment and research information and have spoken on these and many other RMA related subjects, for various sector bodies and events.
I have been actively involved in a range of training, talks and numerous conferences and workshops at local-, national- and international level including EARMA, NARMA, INORMS, MUNIN, PUBMET, Annual conference on doctoral education in Norway.
I am Deputy Chair of NARMA, “Norwegian Network for Administration and Research Management”, and have been Board member of NARMA since 2015. I established and championed the ‘NARMA Research Evaluation’ and the ‘NARMA Open Science’ Special Interest Groups. I am a member of the 2022 EARMA, “European Association of Research Managers and Administrators”, ACPC "Annual Conference Program Committee". I am part of the INORMS Working group. The group brings together research management societies and associations from across the globe.

I am Deputy Chair of INORMS Research Evaluation Group https://inorms.net/research-evaluation-group/. This is an international initiative working on how best to ensure that research evaluations are meaningful, responsible and effective.

I have served on a number of national committees, project boards and working groups.

More information:
More details of my professional and academic output can be found through my ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2937-858X



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Administrative arbeidsområder

Forskningspolitikk   Forskningsinfrastruktur   Open Access   Prosjektledelse

Publikasjoner og forskningsresultater


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Strøm, Tanja (2007). Læringssenterets brukerundersøkelse 2007. 34 s. Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus.

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