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Anne-Grete Kaldahl

Anne-Grete Kaldahl


Anne-Grete Kaldahl's main interests are educational psychology, pedagogy, didactics, oracy and rhetoric in school linked to sustainability, democracy, citizenship, critical thinking, and life skills. Her research has examined what good quality oracy in school can be, and how oracy is assessed from the perspective of students and teachers. She researches using several different methodological approaches: mixed methods and rhetorical analysis such as topoi analysis. Anne-Grete received her doctorate in educational science at OsloMet (The Educational challenge of oracy – a rhetorical approach: Exploring and articulating the oracy construct in Norwegian schools). She has been a teacher in elementary and secondary education. Currently, she is an instructor for students and teachers in pre-and continuing education at OsloMET. She has been employed at the University of Bergen, Norway, at the Department of Information and Media Studies. She has been a researcher on the project DEREKRIT (democracy, rhetoric, and critical thinking in schools) and has been the coordinator of the speech competition "Seize the word!" ( – talekonkurranse for ungdom).

Scientific publications

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