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Frode Alfnes

Frode Alfnes


I am professor at the School of Economics and Business, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and adjunct research professor at Consumption Research Norway – SIFO, Oslo Metropolitan University.

My research focus mainly on consumer behavior, sustainable consumption, food markets, nonmarket valuation, and behavioral and experimental economics.

Fields of study

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Subject areas

Consumer behaviour   Sustainable consumption   Behavioural economics   Food Market   Experiments

Research projects

Scientific publications

Alfnes, Frode; Wasenden, Ole Christian Berg (2022). Your privacy for a discount? Exploring the willingness to share personal data for personalized offers. Telecommunications Policy . Vol. 46.

Tesfay, Menasbo Gebru; Holden, Stein Terje; Alfnes, Frode (2021). Adoption analysis of agricultural technologies in the semiarid northern Ethiopia: a panel data analysis. Agricultural and Food Economics (Agric. food econ.) . Vol. 9.

Asioli, Daniele; Mignani, Adriana; Alfnes, Frode (2020). Quick and easy? Respondent evaluations of the Becker–DeGroot–Marschak and multiple price list valuation mechanisms. 20 p. Agribusiness .

Sharma, Amit; Alfnes, Frode (2020). Cost–Benefit Assessment of Local Foods in Independent Restaurants. Sharma, Amit (Ed.). Financial Decision-Making in the Foodservice Industry: Economic Cost and Benefits. Chapter 6. p. 125-150. Apple Academic Press.

Alam, Md Akhtarul; Alfnes, Frode (2019). Consumer Preferences for Fish Attributes in Bangladesh: A Choice Experiment. Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing .

Bernues, Alberto; Alfnes, Frode; Clemetsen, Morten; Eik, Lars Olav; Faccioni, Georgia; Ramanzin, Maurizio; Ripoll-Bosch, Raimon; Rodríguez-Ortega, Tamara; Stuararo, Enrico (2019). Exploring social preferences for ecosystem services of multifunctional agriculture across policy scenarios. Ecosystem Services . Vol. 39:101002.

Viciunaite, Viktorija; Alfnes, Frode (2019). Informing sustainable business models with a consumer preference perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production . Vol. 242.

Casini, Leonardo; Boncinelli, Fabio; Contini, Caterina; Gerini, Francesca; Scozzafava, Gabriele; Alfnes, Frode (2019). Heterogeneous preferences with respect to food preparation time: Foodies and quickies. Food Quality and Preference . Vol. 71.

Schjøll, Alexander; Alfnes, Frode; Lanseng, Even (2018). Reklame i blogger – forbrukeres holdninger og reaksjoner. Storm-Mathisen, Ardis; Jacobsen, Eivind; Tangen, Karl-Fredrik; Helle-Valle, Jo (Ed.). Markedsføring og forbrukerne – samfunnsvitenskapelige blikk. 10. p. 158-168. Universitetsforlaget.

Austgulen, Marthe Hårvik; Skuland, Silje Elisabeth; Schjøll, Alexander; Alfnes, Frode (2018). Consumer Readiness to Reduce Meat Consumption for the Purpose of Environmental Sustainability: Insights from Norway. Sustainability . Vol. 10.

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