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Gerd Hilde Lunde

Gerd Hilde Lunde

Scientific publications

Areskoug Josefsson, Kristina ; Lunde, Gerd Hilde (2024). Learning from coproducing digital courses in sexual health in higher education in Norway. Learning Organization.

Lunde, Gerd Hilde ; Blaalid, Laila ; Gerbild, Helle ; Areskoug Josefsson, Kristina (2022). Assessment of the Psychometrics of the Students Attitudes towards Addressing Sexual Health Extended (SA-SH-Ext) Questionnaire for Social Educator Students. 9 p. Sexual Medicine - Open Access. Vol. 10.

Lunde, Gerd Hilde ; Bakke, Anne; Areskoug Josefsson, Kristina (2020). Piloting a Research-Oriented Teaching Model in a Bachelor Program for Social Educators – A Way to Increase Competence in Research Methodology and Sexual Health?. 14 p. UNIPED. Vol. 43.

Høium, Kari ; Klintwall, Lars ; Lunde, Gerd Hilde (2015). The effects of reflective counseling on learning outcomes for undergraduate students in social education. UNIPED. Vol. 38.

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