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Kristian Skedsmo

Kristian Skedsmo

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Applied linguistics

Subject areas

Discourse analysis   Theories of communication   Sign language interpreting   Sign language   Conversation analysis   Interpreting for the aquired deaf blind   Sign Language Interpreting   Translation studies   Conversational repair

Scientific publications

Skedsmo, Kristian (2023). Repair receipts in Norwegian Sign Language multiperson conversation. 23 p. Journal of Pragmatics. Vol. 215.

Skedsmo, Kristian (2021). How to Use Comic-Strip Graphics to Represent Signed Conversation. 20 p. Research on Language and Social Interaction.

Skedsmo, Kristian (2020). Multiple Other-Initiations of Repair in Norwegian Sign Language. Open Linguistics. Vol. 6.

Skedsmo, Kristian (2020). Other-initiations of repair in Norwegian Sign Language. Social Interaction - Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality. Vol. 3.

Skedsmo, Kristian (2018). Reparasjonsinitiativ i tegnspråklig og tegnspråktolket samtale. Haualand, Hilde; Nilsson, Anna-Lena; Raanes, Eli (Ed.). Tolking - språkarbeid og profesjonsutøvelse. p. 96-123. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Skedsmo, Kristian (2016). Deaf Education as Intercultural Communication: Different Discourses About Deaf Education. 18 p. FLEKS - Scandinavian Journal of Intercultural Theory and practice. Vol. 3.

Skedsmo, Kristian (2007). Oversetting i grenseland. ISBN: 978-82-7477-314-1. 170 p. Unipub forlag.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete