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Marie Hatlelid Føleide

Marie Hatlelid Føleide

Fields of study

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Subject areas

Child care   Cross-national comparison   Human rights   Childrens participation   Children's rights

Scientific publications

Føleide, Marie (2022). Talking about family with children in care proceedings: Constructions of “family” in an analysis of spokespersons’ accounts. 17 p. Qualitative Social Work.

Føleide, Marie (2020). Three conversation practices illuminating how children's views and wishes are explored in care proceedings: An analysis of 22 children's spokespersons' accounts. Children and Youth Services Review. Vol. 120.

Føleide, Marie ; Ulvik, Oddbjørg Skjær (2019). Dilemmas and Contradictions in Hearing Children in Care Proceedings Conceptions of Children’s Views in an Indirect Participation Arrangement. The International Journal of Children's Rights. Vol. 27.

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