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Siri Mohammad-Roe

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Mohammad-Roe, Siri ; Paaske, Nanna (2024). Assessment of democratic skills: Challenges and possibilities in the English subject. Skulstad, Aud Solbjørg (Ed.). Current issues in English Teaching . p. 207-227. Fagbokforlaget.

Mohammad-Roe, Siri ; Tørnby, Hilde (2023). “I Wanted to Freeze the Moment”: Blackout Poetry and Student Agency During the COVID-19 Lockdown. Pinhasi-Vittorio, Limor; Ben-Yosef, Elite (Ed.). Using Innovative Literacies to Develop Leadership and Agency: Inspiring Transformation and Hope. p. 65-83. IGI Global.

Paaske, Nanna ; Mohammad-Roe, Siri ; Smets, Wouter; Amitai, Ama; Randazzo, Maomi Alexia; Huang, Lihong (2023). Challenges for European teachers when assessing student learning to promote democratic citizenship competences. Journal of Social Science Education. Vol. 22.

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