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Therese Tishakov

Therese Tishakov

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Scientific publications

Haukås, Åsta; Tishakov, Therese (2024). Sharing interview questions in advance: Methodological considerations in applied linguistics research. European Journal of Applied Linguistics.

Tishakov, Therese Marie ; Tsagari, Dina (2022). Language Beliefs of English Teachers in Norway: Trajectories in Transition?. Languages. Vol. 7.

Tsagari, Dina ; Flognfeldt, Mona Evelyn ; Chvala, Lynell ; Tishakov, Therese Marie ; Reed, Kirstin (2021). Lessons Learnt and Future Diretions. Cavalheiro, Lili; Guerra, Luis; Pereira, Ricardo (Ed.). The Handbook to English as a Lingua Franca: Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms. p. 245-258. Edições Húmus.

Flognfeldt, Mona Evelyn ; Tsagari, Dina ; Surkalovic, Dragana ; Tishakov, Therese Marie (2020). The Practice of Assessing Norwegian and English Language Proficiency in Multilingual Elementary School Classrooms in Norway. Language Assessment Quarterly.

Lund, Ragnhild Elisabeth; Tishakov, Therese Marie (2017). "I feel much more confident now." Om engelsklærere og videreutdanning. Kverndokken, Kåre; Askeland, Norunn; Siljan, Henriette Hogga (Ed.). Kvalitet og kreativitet i klasserommet - ulike perspektiver på undervisning. p. 171-192. Fagbokforlaget.

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