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Dina Tsagari

Dina Tsagari


My research interests include language testing and assessment, teaching/learning, teacher training, materials design and evaluation, differentiated instruction, multilingual and distance education, and learning difficulties. I am the editor and author of several volumes, journal papers, and book chapters and the coordinator of the Classroom-based Language Assessment SIG – EALTA. I am currently coordinating and participating in research projects on second language assessment literacy (, identifying linguistic parameters accounting for progress in proficiency in high-stakes tests and authentic language acquisition in multilingual contexts ( &

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Scientific publications

Tsagari, Dina (2020). Language Assessment Literacy: concepts, challenges and prospects. In Hidri. S. (ed.) Perspectives on Language Assessment Literacy: Challenges for Improved Student Learning. ISBN: 978-0-367-85969-5. 20 p. Routledge.

Maaoui, Asma; Tsagari, Dina (2020). Inside the Black Box of L2 Reading Ability Measurement: Interfaces between Assessment Literacy and Validity. Tsagari, Dina (Ed.). Language Assessment Literacy: From Theory to Practice. 8. p. 160-191. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Tsagari, Dina (2020). Language Assessment Literacy: From Theory to Practice. ISBN: 978-1-5275-4835-0. 332 p. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Lamprianou, Iasonas; Tsagari, Dina; Kyriakou, Nansia (2020). The longitudinal stability of rating characteristics in an EFL examination: methodological and substantive considerations. Language Testing .

Vogt, Karin; Tsagari, Dina; Csépes, Ildiko (2020). Linking Learners’ Perspective on Language Assessment Practices to Teachers’ Assessment Literacy Enhancement (TALE): Insights from Four European Countries. Language Assessment Quarterly. An international journal .

Vogt, Karin; Tsagari, Dina; Spanoudis, George (2020). What Do Teachers Think They Want? A Comparative Study of In-Service Language Teachers’ Beliefs on LAL Training Needs. Language Assessment Quarterly. An international journal .

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Kouvdou, Androniki; Tsagari, Dina (2018). Towards an ELF-aware assessment paradigm in EFL contexts. Sifakis, Nicos; Tsantila, Natasha (Ed.). English as a Lingua Franca for EFL Contexts. Kapittel 13. p. 227-246. Multilingual Matters.

Nijakowska, Joanna; Tsagari, Dina; Spanoudis, George (2018). English as a foreign language teacher training needs and perceived preparedness to include dyslexic learners: The case of Greece, Cyprus, and Poland. Dyslexia . Vol. 24.

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