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Dina Tsagari

Dina Tsagari


My research interests include language testing and assessment, teaching/learning, teacher training, materials design and evaluation, differentiated instruction, multilingual and distance education, and learning difficulties. I am the editor and author of several volumes, journal papers, and book chapters and the coordinator of the Classroom-based Language Assessment SIG – EALTA and Evaluation and Assessment FoU at OsloMet. I am currently coordinating and participating in research projects on second language assessment literacy (TALE at, identifying linguistic parameters accounting for progress in proficiency in high-stakes tests and authentic language acquisition in multilingual contexts (ENRICH and PALM at and and others e.g. DINGLE/DAAD, TRIBES/COST, etc

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Cyprus   Greece   Hong Kong

Research projects

Scientific publications

Tsagari, Dina; Reed, Kirstin Joanna; Lopriore, Lucilla (2023). Teacher Beliefs and Practices of Language Assessment in the Context of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF): Insights from a CPD Course. 22 p. Languages. Vol. 8.

Lamprianou, Iasonas; Tsagari, Dina; Kyriakou, Nansia (2023). Experienced but detached from reality: Theorizing and operationalizing the relationship between experience and rater effects. 13 p. Assessing Writing: An International Journal. Vol. 56.

Karagkouni, Ifigeneia; Rousoulioti, Thomais; Tsagari, Dina (2023). The Effectiveness of Dynamic Assessment on Improving Multilingual Students' Writing Skills in Distance Education. Gokturk Saglam, Asli Lidice; Sevgi-Sole, Ece (Ed.). Emerging Practices for Online Language Assessment, Exams, Evaluation, and Feedback. p. 82-98. IGI Global.

Maaoui, Asma; Tsagari, Dina; Dammak, Hanen (2023). The Relationship between Language Educators’ Perceptions and Assessment Practices during the COVID-19 Crisis. 17 p. Languages. Vol. 8.

Tsagari, Dina; Liontou, Trisevgeni; Giannikas, Christina-Nicole (2023). EFL educators in the COVID-19 era: Examining the case of Greece. Research Papers in Language Teaching and Learning. Vol. 13.

Tsiplakou, Stavroula; Tsagari, Dina (2023). Language ideologies and washback effects in a high-stakes Greek language examination. Research Papers in Language Teaching and Learning. Vol. 13.

Flaten, Christopher Jarsve; Tsagari, Dina (2022). Dyslexia and English as a Foreign Language in Norwegian Primary Education: A Mixed Methods Intervention Study. 25 p. Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal – CEPS Journal. Vol. 12.

Bøhn, Henrik; Tsagari, Dina (2022). Language Assessment Literacy: Understanding the construct from Norwegian EFL teachers. Studies in Language Assessment (SiLA). Vol. 11.

Vogt, Karin; Tsagari, Dina (2022). Language assessment literacy and test validation: Highlighting the role of language teachers. Studies in Language Assessment (SiLA). Vol. 11.

Gokturk Saglam, Asli Lidice; Tsagari, Dina (2022). Evaluating Perceptions towards the Consequential Validity of Integrated Language Proficiency Assessment. 18 p. Languages. Vol. 7.

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