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Dragana Surkalovic

Dragana Surkalovic

Fields of study

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Subject didactics   Linguistics

Subject areas

Analysis of the curriculum   Multilingualism   Foreign Language Methodology   English language   Teaching English as a Foreign Language   Key Skills in Englsih   Language policy   Early Years Education   Utdanning   Multilingualism in education

Research projects

Scientific publications

Flognfeldt, Mona Evelyn; Tsagari, Dina; Surkalovic, Dragana; Tishakov, Therese Marie (2020). The Practice of Assessing Norwegian and English Language Proficiency in Multilingual Elementary School Classrooms in Norway. Language Assessment Quarterly .

Angelovska, Tanja; Krulatz, Anna; Surkalovic, Dragana (2020). Predicting efl teacher candidates’ preparedness to work with multilingual learners: Snapshots from three european universities. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL . Vol. 9.

Surkalovic, Dragana (2014). Forbereder grunnskolelærerutdanningen engelsklærere for undervisning i engelsk som tredjespråk i Norge?. 17 p. Acta Didactica Norge . Vol. 8.

Surkalovic, Dragana (2013). Modularity, Phase-Phase Faithfulness and prosodification of function words in English. Nordlyd . Vol. 40.

Surkalovic, Dragana (2011). Modularity, Linearization and Phase-Phase Faithfulness in Kayardild. Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics . Vol. 3.

Surkalovic, Dragana (2011). Lexical and functional decomposition in syntax: A view from phonology. Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics . Vol. 47.

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