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Tordis Korvald

Tordis Korvald


MSc in Social Anthropology and BA in Library and Information Science.

At NOVA I work in the library, developing the collection, inter-library loan, calssification, catalogue-work, counselling, systematic litterature search etc.

My background is from presentation work in museums, management of international culture centre, and library work from 2006. I have been at NOVA since 2010

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Library and information science   Social anthropology

Subject areas

College library   Systematic literature search   Academic and research library

Administrative field of work

Subject heading indexing   Cataloguing   Loan   Open Access   Databases   Classification   Library guidance   Journals

Research reports

Lange, Siri; Shrestha, Era; Korvald, Tordis (2009). Cultural cooperation with Nepal. A mid-term review commissioned by Norad and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu. ISBN: 978-82-8062-348-5. 42 p.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete