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Elisabeth Karlsen

Elisabeth Karlsen

Scientific publications

Henriksen, Lena; Kisa, Sezer; Lukasse, Mirjam; Flaathen, Eva Marie; Mortensen, Berit; Karlsen, Elisabeth; Garnweidner-Holme, Lisa (2021). Cultural Sensitivity in Interventions Aiming to Reduce or Prevent Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy: A Scoping Review. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

Blix, Ellen; Maude, Robyn; Hals, Elisabeth; Kisa, Sezer; Karlsen, Elisabeth; Nøhr, Ellen Aagaard; de Jonge, Ank; Lindgren, Helena E; Downe, Soo; Reinar, Liv Merete Brynildsen; Foureur, Maralyn; Pay, Aase Serine Devold; Kaasen, Anne (2019). Intermittent auscultation fetal monitoring during labour: A systematic scoping review to identify methods, effects, and accuracy. 21 p. PLOS ONE. Vol. 14.

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