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Berit Mortensen

Berit Mortensen


Midwife, Ph.d. candidate

Scientific publications

Mortensen, Berit; Diep, Lien My; Lukasse, Mirjam; Lieng, Marit; Dwekat, Ibtesam; Elias, Dalia; Fosse, Erik (2019). Women's satisfaction with midwife-led continuity of care: An observational study in Palestine. BMJ Open . Vol. 9.

Mortensen, Berit; Lieng, Marit; Diep, Lien My; Lukasse, Mirjam; Atieh, Kefaya; Fosse, Erik (2019). Improving Maternal and Neonatal Health by a Midwife-led Continuity Model of Care ? An Observational Study in One Governmental Hospital in Palestine. EClinicalMedicine . Vol. 10.

Mortensen, Berit; Lukasse, Mirjam; Diep, Lien My; Lieng, Marit; Abu-Awad, Amal; Suleiman, Munjid; Fosse, Erik (2018). Can a midwife-led continuity model improve maternal services in a low-resource setting? A non-randomised cluster intervention study in Palestine. 10 p. BMJ Open . Vol. 8.

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