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Joakim Finne

Joakim Finne

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Scientific publications

Pedersen, Eirin; Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira; Finne, Joakim; Pontoppidan, Maiken; Dion, Jacinthe; Tømmerås, Truls; Tøge, Anne Grete (2023). Family Partner: study protocol for a pilot randomised study of a home-visitation intervention in Norway. 7 p. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.

Finne, Joakim; Sadeghi, Talieh; Bring Løberg, Ida; Bakkeli, Vidar; Sehic, Belma; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus (2023). Predictors of satisfaction with digital follow-up in Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration: A sequential mixed-methods study. Social Policy & Administration.

Finne, Joakim; Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira (2023). Evidensbasert praksis - et veiskille i sosialt arbeid. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning. Vol. 26.

Finne, Joakim; Skyberg, Henriette Lund; Kjelling Skagseth, Synne Marit; Holt, Karin (2023). Collaborative mental health treatment: current practices among mental health providers in Norway. European Journal of Social Work.

Finne, Joakim; Holt, Karin (2023). Mental health professionals’ expectations and efforts to include employment for people with moderate to severe mental illness in treatment settings. 9 p. BMC Psychiatry. Vol. 23.

Finne, Joakim; Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira (2021). Norwegian Social Work and Child Welfare Students’ Attitudes Toward Research-Supported Treatments. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work. Vol. 18.

Finne, Joakim; Ekeland, Tor Johan; Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira (2020). Social workers use of knowledge in an evidence-based framework: a mixed methods study. European Journal of Social Work.

Finne, Joakim (2020). Evidence-based practice in social work: Who are the critics?. Journal of Social Work.

Finne, Joakim (2019). Attitudes toward and Utilization of Evidence-based Practice among Norwegian Social Workers. Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete