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Mikkel Magnus Thørrisen

Mikkel Magnus Thørrisen


PhD in Health Sciences from Oslo Metropolitan University, Master in Health and Social Psychology, and Bachelor in Psychology from University of Oslo.

Research topics:
- Public and occupational health
- Alcohol and work
- Addiction and health psychology
- Work inclusion and occupational rehabilitation
- Knowledge translation and implementation
- Health services
- Educational research

Research projects:
- The WIRUS project (Workplace Interventions preventing Risky alcohol Use and Sick leave)
- The Now What2 project: Rethinking return to work services for long-term sick listed employees
- Future School Health Services
- INSchool - Youth dropout from high school
- Approaches to Studying among Occupational Therapy Students

Teaching and supervising:
Academic writing; Alcohol and work; Health management; Interventions; Knowledge translation; Occupational health; Psychology; Public health; Quantitative research methodology; Bachelor and master theses

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Health sciences   Psychology

Subject areas

Health psychology   Quanitative research methods   Behavior   Addiction medicine   Occupational Therapy   Arbeidsrettet rehabilitering   Arbeidsliv og Rus   Arbeidshelse   Knowledge translation   Workplace Interventions   Life style adjustment   Complex interventions

Research projects

Scientific publications

Søfteland, Marta Olsen; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus ; Aas, Randi Wågø (2024). Helseskaping og helserisiko i skulekvardagen. Erfarte paradoks om ungdomsskuleelevars helse og skulehelsetenestas rolle blant elevar, lærarar og skuleleiing. Nordisk tidsskrift for helseforskning.

Torland, Emilie Aas; Karlstad, Cecilie; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus ; Bonsaksen, Tore ; Haslerud, Sturla Inge; Aas, Randi Wågø (2024). School characteristics and pupils' thoughts of leaving upper secondary school: The INSchool project. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 15.

Sevic, Aleksandra; Soleiman Pour Hashemi, Neda; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus ; Strømstad, Kine; Skarpaas, Lisebet Skeie ; Storm, Marianne; Brønnick, Kolbjørn Kallesten (2023). Effectiveness of eHealth interventions targeting employee health behaviors : systematic review. Journal of Medical Internet Research. Vol. 25.

Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus ; Sadeghi, Talieh (2023). The Ten-Item Personality Inventory (TIPI): a scoping review of versions, translations and psychometric properties. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 14.

Sadeghi, Talieh ; Finne, Joakim ; Løberg, Ida Bring; Bakkeli, Vidar ; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus (2023). Comparing digital to traditional follow-up in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration: A youth perspective on trust and satisfaction. 13 p. Nordisk välfärdsforskning | Nordic Welfare Research. Vol. 8.

Finne, Joakim ; Sadeghi, Talieh ; Bring Løberg, Ida; Bakkeli, Vidar ; Sehic, Belma ; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus (2023). Predictors of satisfaction with digital follow-up in Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration: A sequential mixed-methods study. Social Policy & Administration.

Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus ; Sadeghi, Talieh ; Bonsaksen, Tore ; Graham, Ian D.; Aas, Randi Wågø (2022). Working with alcohol prevention in occupational health services: “knowing how” is more important than “knowing that” – the WIRUS OHS study. 12 p. Addiction science & clinical practice. Vol. 17.

Bonsaksen, Tore ; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus ; Hashemi, Neda; de Porras, David Gimeno Ruiz; Aas, Randi Wågø (2022). Do health professionals’ attitudes towards alcohol use matter for alcohol prevention efforts? Results from the WIRUS-OHS study. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 22.

Sadeghi, Talieh ; Wiers-Jenssen, Jannecke ; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus (2022). International student mobility and labour market outcomes: the role of personality dimensions. 24 p. Research in Comparative and International Education.

Soleiman Pour Hashemi, Neda; Skogen, Jens Christoffer; Sevic, Aleksandra; Thørrisen, Mikkel Magnus ; Rimstad, Silje Lill; Sagvaag, Hildegunn; Riper, Heleen; Aas, Randi Wågø (2022). A systematic review and meta-analysis uncovering the relationship between alcohol consumption and sickness absence. When type of design, data, and sickness absence make a difference. PLOS ONE. Vol. 17.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete