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Heidi Moen Gjersøe

Heidi Moen Gjersøe


Professor at Department of Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Policy, the Centre for Work Inclusion, OsloMet. Main position at VID Specialized University, Oslo.

I am a co-editor for the KAI Chronicle (KAI-kronikken) at the Centre for Work Inclusion.

My research area is within social policy, street-level bureaucracy and welfare conditionality. My PhD was a study of the design and the local implementation of the Work Capability Assessment in the context of activation policies, in Norway and the UK.

I am associate editor for International Journal of Social Welfare.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Social work   Sociology

Subject areas

Social Politics   Qualitative methodologies   Norwegian Labour and Welfare Offices   User perspective   Young adults   Welfare policy   The Norwegian employment and welfare reform   Autonomy and discretion   Social security   Activation policies   Reception   NEET



Scientific publications

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen ; Leseth, Anne Birgitte (2024). Waiting as sociality–relational waithood in Norwegian activation. European Journal of Social Work.

Myraunet, Ingunn ; Strøm, Anita; Gjersøe, Heidi Moen (2023). From Model to Everyday Practice: A Qualitative Observational Study of Daily Fact Team Board Meetings. 10 p. International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC). Vol. 23.

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen ; Jones, Katy; Leseth, Anne ; Scullion, Lisa; Martin, Philip (2023). Refraining from rights and giving in to personalised control: young unemployed peoples’ experiences and perceptions of public and third sector support in the UK and Norway. European Journal of Social Work. Vol. 27.

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen ; Leseth, Anne (2022). Rettigheter, behov og plikter i aktivitetspolitikken: Forståelser av aktivitetsplikt for unge sosialhjelpsmottakere. Kritisk juss. Vol. 48.

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen (2021). Providing help or restrictions? Frontline workers’ understandings of behavioural conditionality for health-related social insurance and social assistance benefit in a joined-up governance context. 12 p. European Journal of Social Work.

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen ; Leseth, Anne (2021). Time to work – opposing political rationality with young peoples’ experiences of working in a mandatory activation context in Norway. 14 p. Journal of Applied Youth Studies (JAYS). Vol. 4.

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen ; Strand, Anne Hege Henden (2021). The Street-Level Organisation in-between Employer Needs and Client Needs: Creaming Users by Motivation in the Norwegian Employment and Welfare Service (NAV). 17 p. Journal of Social Policy. Vol. 52.

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen (2020). Frontline provision of integrated welfare and employment services: Organising for activation competency. International Journal of Social Welfare. Vol. 30.

Leseth, Anne ; Vilhena, Susana ; Gjersøe, Heidi Moen (2020). Aktivitetspliktens innside og utside – Unge mottakere av sosialhjelp og deres erfaringer med aktivitetsplikt. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning. Vol. 23.

Gjersøe, Heidi Moen ; Leseth, Anne ; Vilhena, Susana (2019). Frontline implementation of welfare conditionality in Norway: A maternalistic practice. Social Policy & Administration. Vol. 54.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete