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Dale Keith Southerton

Dale Keith Southerton


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Southerton, Dale Keith ; Whillans, Jennifer (2023). Time use surveys, social practice theory, and activity connections. British Journal of Sociology.

Halford, Susan; Southerton, Dale Keith (2023). What Future for the Sociology of Futures? Visions, Concepts and Methods. Sociology. Vol. 57.

Mainsah, Henry ; Slade, Emma; Slettemeås, Dag ; Southerton, Dale Keith ; Storm-Mathisen, Ardis (2022). Methodological innovations and challenges of research on digitally connected homes: an introduction. 4 s. Digital Creativity. Vol. 33.

Welch, Daniel; Southerton, Dale Keith (2019). After Paris: transitions for sustainable consumption. Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy. Vol. 15.

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