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Frode Restad

Frode Restad


Frode Restad has a background in pedagogy and a doctorate in children and young people's competence development. Restad has broad experience working with development of school- and learning environment in Norway, including in depth research on the development of the Norwegian national curriculum (LK20) and how this has been understood and implemented by teachers and leaders in schools. Restad's research interests include teaching and curriculum making, social and emotional learning, community building, bullying and exclusion in kindergartens and schools. He specializes in qualitative methods with emphasis on interviews, observation, and document analysis, and on children and young people's participation in research. Restad has extensive experience as a project- and process manager and as a senior adviser at the Norwegian Directorate of Education and Training working with national schemes and policy for competence development, and the Government's Partnership Against Bullying.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

General education   Subject didactics

Subject areas

Analysis of the curriculum   Disciplinary didaktik   General didactics   Curriculum theory   Community creating didactics   Violence and bullying

Scientific publications

Lyng, Selma Therese ; Hægeland, Linda; Aanerud, Henriette; Restad, Frode (2023). Relasjonsbygging og profesjonsutvikling for FoL i skolen. Walseth, Kristin; Standal, Øyvind Førland (Ed.). Folkehelse og livsmestring - med utgangspunkt i fagene. Universitetsforlaget.

Restad, Frode (2021). Exploring the problems and potential of curriculum-making for social learning: Implications for policy and practice. 15 p. Curriculum Journal. Vol. 32.

Restad, Frode ; Mølstad, Christina Elde (2020). Social and emotional skills in curriculum reform: a red line for measurability?. Journal of Curriculum Studies.

Restad, Frode (2020). Is there a hole in the whole-school approach? A critical review of curriculum understanding in bullying research. 24 p. Nordic Studies in Education. Vol. 40.

Restad, Frode (2019). Revisioning the Fifth Element. Can critical realism reconcile competence and Bildung for a more sustainable twenty-first-century education?. Journal of Critical Realism. Vol. 18.

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