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Christian Wittrock

Christian Wittrock


I study the intra- and inter organizational diffusion of innovations in and across multiple settings. Current projects consider the fields of management ideas, health care, education, and responsible research and innovation. Drawing from a multidisciplinary background, lenses applied are often neo-institutional theory, translation theory and practice variation. I also consider classic psychosocial work environment measures in the context of organizational change and implementation processes. Additionally, I do research in the fields of coaching and mentoring.

I worked a decade each in business and in management consultancy respectively, giving me encompassing knowledge on the workings of organizations, as well as a hands-on perspective on organizational change and development. I am an experienced process consultant, with a proven record of accomplishment with top-tier companies as well as public organizations. Additionally, I am an experienced project manager.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Philosophy   History of ideas   Sociology   Linguistics   Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Action research   Research method   Diffusion   Institutional change   Cognitive linguistics   Organizational theory   Business development   Organizational change   Coaching   Innovation   Mixed methods   Innovation in the public sector   Dialogical practice   Work environment and health   Service Innovation   Mentoring


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Research projects

Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete