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Marit Aas

Marit Aas

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Subject areas

Educational management   Professional development in schools   Activity Theory   Coaching

Scientific publications

Ahlstrøm, Bjørn; Aas, Marit (2020). Leadership in low- and underperforming schools—two contrasting Scandinavian cases. International Journal of Leadership in Education .

Aas, Marit; Fred Carlo, Andersen; Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2020). How school leaders can gain role clarity and grow their leadership identity. Research in Educational Administration and Leadership (REAL).

Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug; Aas, Marit (2020). Leadership and change in a Norwegian school context: Tensions as productive driving forces. Educational Management Administration & Leadership .

Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug; Aas, Marit (2020). A supportive tool for principals in guiding professional group discussions. Educational Research .

Aas, Marit (2020). Ledercoachning och gruppecoachning som verktyg i lederes professionella utveckling. Ulf, Leo; Eva, Amundsdotter (Ed.). Perspektiv på handledning. Kapittel 7. p. 143-163. Gleerups Utbildning AB.

Henriksen, Øyvind H.; Aas, Marit (2020). Enhancing system thinking - a superintendent and three principals reflecting with a critical friend. Educational Action Research.

Aas, Marit; Paulsen, Jan Merok (2019). National strategy for supporting school principal’s instructional leadership. A Scandinavian approach. Journal of Educational Administration . Vol. 57.

Abrahamsen, Hedvig Neerland; Aas, Marit (2019). Mellomleder i skolen. ISBN: 978-82-450-2154-7. 142 p. Fagbokforlaget.

Brandmo, Christian; Aas, Marit; Colbjørnsen, Tor; Olsen, Rolf (2019). Group coaching that promotes self-Efficacy and role clarity among school leaders. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research .

Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug; Aas, Marit (2019). Leading professional group discussions: a challenge for principals?. International Journal of Leadership in Education .

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete