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Ole Andreas Danielsen

Ole Andreas Danielsen

Research projects

  • Municipalities in the European Multilevel Union Administration: Towards Multi-Hatted Local Governments?

    The project addresses today's developments in the EU's multi-level Union administration, where administrative bodies located across different levels of governance are increasingly interconnected in the implementation and application of EU legislation.


    STATECORP analyses the relevance of structural choice politics and historical legacies for corporatisation patterns in Norway and Sweden (1950–2020) as well as their consequences for organisational legitimation.

Scientific publications

Fleischer, Julia; Danielsen, Ole Andreas ; Neby, Simon; Nykvist, Rasmus (2024). The State as a Marketizer vs. the Marketization of the State: Two Organizational Models of Public Sector Corporatization. Public Organization Review.

Danielsen, Ole Andreas ; Fleischer, Julia (2022). "The effects of political design and organizational dynamics on structural disaggregation and integration in Norway 1947–2019". 22 p. Governance. An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions. Vol. 36.

Danielsen, Ole Andreas (2022). Institutional Primacy vs. Transnational Segmentation: Transnational Networks of Regulatory Agencies and the Administrative Identifications of National Officials. 18 p. Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration (SPJA). Vol. 26.

Danielsen, Ole Andreas ; Førde, Johannes Sandvik (2018). "Beyond Loose Couplings in Crisis Preparedness: The Role of Coordination Agencies in Sweden and Norway". Lægreid, Per; Rykkja, Lise H. (Ed.). Societal Security and Crisis Management. Governance Capacity and Legitimacy. p. 53-71. Palgrave Macmillan.

Christensen, Tom; Danielsen, Ole Andreas ; Lægreid, Per; Rykkja, Lise H. (2016). COMPARING COORDINATION STRUCTURES FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN SIX COUNTRIES. 17 p. Public Administration. Vol. 94.

Danielsen, Ole Andreas ; Yesilkagit, Kutsal (2014). The effects of European regulatory networks on the bureaucratic autonomy of national regulatory authorities. 19 p. Public Organization Review. Vol. 14.

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