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Sara Rivenes Lafontan

Sara Rivenes Lafontan


Sara Rivenes Lafontan is a registered nurse with a Masters degree in International community health and a PhD from the University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine. Her PhD project was a qualitative study about experiences and perceptions among skilled birth attendants and laboring women about the use of new fetal heart rate technology in Tanzania. Her research areas include experiences of quality of care during pregnancy and childbirth and access to sexual- and reproductive health services in both high- and low income countries. Sara is a member of the research group Safer Births, a global research program for saving lives at birth. She teach and supervise bachelor, master and PhD students. Sara har previously worked at UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and UNICEF with sexual-and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and sexual- and genderbased violence in countries in central America, Liberia, Syria, Jordan and Mozambique.

Fields of study

Subject areas

Reproductive health   Global Health   Maternal health   Maternity care   Migration health



Scientific publications

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