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Peter Forde Hougaard

Peter Forde Hougaard


I am a trained specialist nurse (pediatric nursing) with many years of experience in nursing care for children at Oslo University Hospital. I have a bachelors degree in sociology from UiO, as well as a masters degree and a doctorate from the Center for the Study of Professions (SPS), OsloMet. My research interests are centered around (inter-)professional interaction, educational and professional leadership, nursing education, as well as topics related to children in hospital (i.e. pain assessment and treatment).

I administer and teach several courses in, among other things, knowledge-based practice, scientific theory and method, research ethics, as well as the bachelors thesis in nursing. I have broad experience from supervising students in practice in primary and specialist healthcare, both at Bachelor level and masters level in childrens nursing. I supervise students in several masters programs and am co-supervisor for a PhD-student in pediatric nursing.

In addition to my position as associate professor here at OsloMet, I am a senior researcher (10%) at the Department of Childrens Surgery at Oslo University Hospital, associated with InteRSurg, an interdisciplinary research group established in 2021. I was research group leader for InteRSurg from its establishment until the end of 2023.

From January 2024, I lead the research group Learning and Collaboration at the Department of Nursing and Health Promotion, OsloMet.

Scientific publications

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Jensen, Kari Toverud ; Hougaard, Peter Forde ; Knutstad, Unni (2022). Nursing leaders' perspectives on research in specialist health services: A descriptive study. Nursing Open.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete