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Siri Fjeldheim

Siri Fjeldheim

Scientific publications

Fjeldheim, Siri ; Kleppe, Lise Cecilie ; Stang, Edda (2024). Digital competence in social work education: readiness for practice. Journal of Social Work Education.

Morten, Julie; Jeyasingham, Dharman; Vindegg, Jorunn ; Fjeldheim, Siri (2022). How Does Race Work in Social Work Education? Everyday Racial Logics, Distinctions and Practices on Social Work Qualifying Programmes in England. The British Journal of Social Work.

Fjeldheim, Siri (2017). Translations in social work. European Journal of Social Work. Vol. 21.

Fjeldheim, Siri ; Levin, Irene ; Engebretsen, Eivind (2015). The theoretical foundation of social case work. Nordic Social Work Research. Vol. 5.

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