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Andreas Eriksen

Andreas Eriksen

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Ethics   Philosophy

Subject areas

Political Philosophy   Professional ethics   Commitment   Normativity   Legitimacy

Research projects

Scientific publications

Eriksen, Andreas (2023). Et verktøy for alle? Læringsutbyttebeskrivelser og målkonflikt. Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift . Vol. 107.

Eriksen, Andreas (2022). The Research Literacy of Professionals: Reconciling Evidence-Based Practice and Practical Wisdom. Professions and Professionalism . Vol. 12.

Eriksen, Andreas (2021). Accountability and inter-institutional respect: The case of independent regulatory agencies. Eriksen, Erik Oddvar (Ed.). The Accountability of Expertise: Making the Un-Elected Safe for Democracy. Kap 6. Routledge.

Eriksen, Andreas; Katsaitis, Alexander (2020). Accountability through mutual attunement: How can parliamentary hearings connect the elected and the unelected?. 22 p. Public Policy and Administration .

Eriksen, Andreas (2020). Political Values in Independent Agencies. Regulation & Governance .

Eriksen, Andreas (2020). Accountability and the Multidimensional Mandate. Political research quarterly .

Eriksen, Andreas (2020). The political literacy of experts. Ratio Juris . Vol. 33.

Eriksen, Andreas; Molander, Anders (2018). Welfare reform and public justification. Policy Studies .

Eriksen, Andreas (2018). Reclaiming Responsibility: The Case of Welfare-to-Work Policy. Journal of Social Policy .

Eriksen, Andreas (2018). Conflicting duties and restitution of the trusting relationship. Journal of Medical Ethics . Vol. 44.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete