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Tatjana Bru Blixen

Tatjana Bru Blixen


Second Language Teacher Education
Literacy as an Interdisciplinary Competence in Subjects and Professions
Critical literacy and studies in functional grammar
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Applied linguistics

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Teacher education   Multilingual literacy


The Nordic Countries

Scientific publications

Blixen, Tatjana Bru ; Fegri, Kai Andre ; Hellne-Halvorsen, Ellen Beate (2023). Multicultural Perspectives in Driving Instructor Education and Driving Schools for Professional Drivers in Norway. Teräs, Marianne; Osman, Ali; Eliasson, Eva (Ed.). Migration, Education and Employment. Pathways to Successful Integration. Springer.

Blixen, Tatjana Bru ; Hellne-Halvorsen, Ellen Beate (2022). «All teachers are language teachers» A Norwegian Study on How Teachers in Vocational Education and Training Programs Experience and Reflect on Complementary Literacy Practices and Didactic Strategies in Multicultural Classrooms. Teräs, Marianne; Kontio, Janne; Moreno Herrera, Lazaro; Gougoulakis, Petros (Ed.). Emergent Issues in Research on Vocational Education & Training Vol. 7. p. 307-341. Bokförlaget Atlas.

Blixen, Tatjana Bru ; Pannell, Justin (2020). “Teachers’ Understanding and Enactment of Critical Literacy – A Lack of Unified Teaching Method”. 19 p. Cogent Education. Vol. 7.

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