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Tore Andre Ringvold

Tore Andre Ringvold

Scientific publications

Ringvold, Tore Andre; Nielsen, Liv Merete (2021). Complexity, interdisciplinarity and design literacy. FormAkademisk - Forskningstidsskriftet for design og designdidaktikk . Vol. 14.

Ringvold, Tore Andre; Digranes, Ingvild (2017). Future scenarios in general design education and 21st century competencies. Berg, Arild; Bohemia, Erik; Buck, Lyndon; Gulden, Tore; Kovacevic, Ahmed; Pavel, Nenad (Ed.). proceedings of E&PDE 2017 – International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education. Building Community: Design Education for a Sustainable Future. Chapter 1. p. 98-103. The Design Society.

Ringvold, Tore Andre; Digranes, Ingvild (2015). Future scenario building and youths’ civic insights. Vande Zande, Robin; Bohemia, Erik; Digranes, Ingvild (Ed.). Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers Learn x Design, Vol. 1-4. Vol. 2, chapter 3: Design Education to improve Life and the World. p. 800-815. Design Research Society.

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