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Tore Andre Ringvold

Tore Andre Ringvold


Tore Andre has a varied background from industrial design, visual communication, creative advertising and teaching in upper secondary education. He has a special research interest in how design agency can contribute in educational practices and how technology plays a role in creative learning processes. The published research work concerns future scenarios and critical design practices in general education and the use of generative AI visualizing in creative learning processes.

Scientific publications

Ringvold, Tore Andre ; Strand, Ingri ; Haakonsen, Peter ; Strand, Kari Saasen (2023). AI Text-to-Image Generation in Art and Design Teacher Education. A Creative Tool or a Hindrance to Future Creativity?. Davies, Sarah; McLain, Matt; Hardy, Alison; Morrison-Love, David (Ed.). PATT40 The 40th Pupils’ Attitudes Towards Technology Conference. LJMU Library Journal Hosting Service.

Ringvold, Tore Andre (2023). Intergenerational reflection in a changing world. Jones, Derek (Ed.). Learn X Design 2023 Proceedings : Futures of Design Education ; The 7th International Conference for Design Education Researchers. Design Research Society.

Ringvold, Tore Andre ; Nielsen, Liv Merete (2021). Complexity, interdisciplinarity and design literacy. 11 p. FormAkademisk - Forskningstidsskriftet for design og designdidaktikk. Vol. 14.

Ringvold, Tore Andre ; Digranes, Ingvild (2017). Future scenarios in general design education and 21st century competencies. Berg, Arild; Bohemia, Erik; Buck, Lyndon; Gulden, Tore; Kovacevic, Ahmed; Pavel, Nenad (Ed.). proceedings of E&PDE 2017 – International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education. Building Community: Design Education for a Sustainable Future. p. 98-103. The Design Society.

Ringvold, Tore Andre ; Digranes, Ingvild (2015). Future scenario building and youths’ civic insights. Vande Zande, Robin; Bohemia, Erik; Digranes, Ingvild (Ed.). Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers Learn x Design, Vol. 1-4. p. 800-815. Design Research Society.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete