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Jan Storø

Jan Storø


I'm working on the Bachelor programme on child welfare, and the Master's degree program in Social Work.

My main professional themes is social pedagogy, aftercare for young people with a child welfare background, residential care, science theory and academic writing.

I am also a film reviewer in Khrono (

Scientific publications

Storø, Jan (2021). Leaving care in Norway in a historic and current perspective: As a function of the Nordic welfare model. Child & Family Social Work .

Storø, Jan; Van Breda, Adrian; Incarnato, Mariana; Stohler, Renate; Gilligan, Robbie; Munro, Emily R.; Refaeli, Tehila; Roxana, Anghel; Harder, Annemik; Mann-Feder, Varda (2020). Extended care: Global dialogue on policy, practice and research. Children and Youth Services Review .

Storø, Jan; Sjöblom, Yvonne; Höjer, Ingrid (2019). A comparison of state support for young people leaving care in Norway and Sweden: Differences within comparable welfare systems. Child & Family Social Work . Vol. 24.

Fuglestad, Svein; Grønning, Elisabeth; Storø, Jan (2019). Aktivitetsfaget i barnevernspedagogutdanningen – i et nytteperspektiv. Tidsskriftet Norges Barnevern .

Storø, Jan (2018). To manage on one’s own after leaving care? A discussion of the concepts independence versus interdependence. Nordic Social Work Research .

Storø, Jan; Backe-Hansen, Elisabeth; Løvgren, Mette (2017). Hva muliggjør godt institusjonsarbeid?. Tidsskriftet Norges Barnevern . Vol. 94.

Storø, Jan (2016). Which transition concept is useful for describing the process of young people leaving state care? A reflection on research and language. European Journal of Social Work . Vol. 20.

Storø, Jan (2016). Omsorg i barnevernet. Neumann, Cecilie Elisabeth Basberg; Olsvold, Nina; Thagaard, Tove (Ed.). Omsorgsarbeidets sosiologi. Kapittel 7. p. 161-186. Fagbokforlaget.

Storø, Jan; Fuglestad, Svein; Grønning, Elisabeth (2015). Aktivitetsfaget i barnevernspedagogutdanningen. Bjørknes, Linda Elisabeth; Kruse, Erik Lindbæk; Hagstrøm, Elisabeth; Karseth, Inger (Ed.). Sommerfugl, fly! En artikkelsamling av barnevernspedagoger. Kapittel 3. p. 32-52.

Storø, Jan (2015). From Superintendence to Transition and Self-determination. Historic View on Policies and Practice towards Norwegian Care-leavers. Practice . Vol. 27.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete