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Ingrid M. Tolstad

Ingrid M. Tolstad


Social anthropologist with a PhD in musicology from the University of Oslo. Doing research on pop music, popular culture, creativity and talent development within the arts. 

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Musicology   Social anthropology

Subject areas

Innovation   Ethnography   Popular Culture   Popularmusic   Creativity   Talent development   Youth Research   Art and craft   Music production   Media innovation   Creative industries


Norway   Russia   Sweden   USA   South Korea

Research projects

Scientific publications

Hagen, Aina Landsverk ; Engerbakk, Bjørk Brøndmo; Lorenzen, Sara Berge ; Tolstad, Ingrid M. (2024). Rebels in their own job: How digging into a municipal mystery turned invited youth participation in an urban planning process into uninvited activism. Children & society.

Tolstad, Ingrid M. (2023). Singing wives and oligarch patrons: Sounding out the wealth of Russian elites through popular music. Journal of Extreme Anthropology. Vol. 6.

Tolstad, Ingrid M. (2023). “Bring Your A-game and Leave Your Ego at the Door!” Songwriting Camps as Sites for the (Re-)Production of Practice-based Knowledge. 18 p. IASPM Journal. Vol. 13.

Hagen, Aina Landsverk ; Tolstad, Ingrid M. ; Lorenzen, Sara Berge (2022). Pandemi som mulighetsrom for digital transformasjon. Eliassen, Knut Ove; Ogundipe, Anne; Prytz, Øyvind (Ed.). Estetiske praksiser i den digitale produksjonens tidsalder . p. 463-494. Fagbokforlaget.

Rosten, Monika ; Hagen, Aina Landsverk ; Tolstad, Ingrid M. (2021). Fra tynn til tykk medvirkning: Unge medforskere som lokale kunnskapsprodusenter. Hagen, Aina Landsverk; Andersen, Bengt (Ed.). Ung medvirkning: Kreativitet og konflikt i planlegging. p. 43-73. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. noasp.15

Rosten, Monika ; Tolstad, Ingrid M. (2021). Samlokaliserte, samorganiserte og samskapte ungdomstilbud - en utopi?. Hagen, Aina Landsverk (Ed.). Ung medvirkning: Kreativitet og konflikt i planlegging. p. 197-221. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Hagen, Aina Landsverk ; Tolstad, Ingrid M. ; Bygdås, Arne (2021). “Magic through many minor measures”: How introducing a flowline production mode in six steps enables journalist team autonomy in local news organizations. 15 p. AI & Society: The Journal of Human-Centred Systems and Machine Intelligence.

Tolstad, Ingrid M. ; Dalseide, Astri Margareta (2021). Architectural anthropologists in the making? Paths to creative youth participation in local urban development. Stender, Marie; Bech-Danielson, Claus; Hagen, Aina Landsverk (Ed.). Architectural Anthropology: Exploring Lived Space. Routledge.

Tolstad, Ingrid M. (2021). ‘We have no music industry!’ Exploring the context of post-Soviet music making through the lens of contemporary Swedo-Russian collaborations. Galuszka, Patryk (Ed.). Eastern European Music Industries and Policies after the Fall of Communism: From State Control to Free Market. Routledge.

Bygdås, Arne ; Hagen, Aina Landsverk ; Tolstad, Ingrid M. ; Skjælaaen, Gudrun R. (2020). Flowline at Work: Transforming Temporalities in News Organizations through Metaphor. Reinecke, Juliane; Suddaby, Roy; Langley, Ann; Tsoukas, Haridimos (Ed.). Time, Temporality, and History in Process Organization Studies. p. 89-115. Oxford University Press.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete