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Blanka Støren-Vaczy

Blanka Støren-Vaczy

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Blanka has a doctorate in sociology, specialising in social policy. Blanka's research interests are diverse due to his many years of practical expertise and leadership experience in the welfare sector. Her academic journey is driven by a deep commitment to research the inclusion of people with social disadvantages, particularly focusing on the approach of supported employment (SE) and individual placement and support (IPS).

Further, she works on other research topics like leadership, especially women's leadership and organisational culture and gender policy. In the last few years, her attention and research interests have been focused on digitisation of social services.

Blanka's work aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, push the boundaries of different academic fields, and contribute meaningful advancements to welfare services organisations.

Beyond her research and teaching responsibilities, Blanka actively participates in internationalisation, explicitly focusing on the Global North and Global South perspectives and cooperating with academic institutions from East and South African countries. She is a permanent invited lecturer at ELTE University in Budapest and the Institute of Social Work in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

 Keywords: Social, - labour inclusion, gender policy, leadership, digitalisation





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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

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